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Searching for a Tutorial

You can make a search for tutorials using the search box on the Help Category module. You can search on both keywords and phrases. Results will be exact matches, therefore a single keyword search is recommended. Results are displayed in the Help module. You can also use a site wide search which will return both matching tutorials and matching results from other modules on this site.

  1. In the Category module, enter your search criteria into the text box located below the list of categories.
  2. Click the Go button.
  1. The search results are now displayed in the Help module. Click on a read more... link beside a result to view the related tutorial.

Viewing a Tutorial

How to navigate to and view a tutorial using the Help module.

  1. In the Category module, navigate to and click on the name of the category where the tutorial is located. This displays the related tutorials in the Help module.
  2. Click on the read more... link beside a tutorial to view it.

Tip: Use the Previous or Next buttons to view other tutorials within this category. Click the Back To Category button to return to the category.

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