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Importing Help Data

How to import help data including images to the Help module.

  1. Select Settings from the Help module actions menu.
  2. Select the Help Module Settings tab.
  3. In the Root Path For Images text box, enter the root path for where the images for this module are to be located. The XML is updated on import using this new path allowing the content to be port- able. E.g. If you create the content on your local machine using a standard DNN setup with the portal ID =0 and you need to Import onto a live site with a Portal ID=25 then you set the Root path to Portals/25 so that the ../../../../Resources/OnlineHelp is replaced in all of the HTML you have created which makes the images show properly:
  4. At Upload XML, select or upload the data xml file which contains the Help content. This file can optionally be zipped (compressed).
  5. At Upload Images, select or upload a zipped (compressed) images file.
  6. Click the Update button.

Importing Help Data

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